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Porcelain Crowns at Bluegrass Dental

What is a Dental Crown?

Get that confident smile with dental crowns here at Bluegrass Dental. Crowns are a multi-functional restorative option that can improve the appearance of your teeth and protect them from damage simultaneously.

These tight-fitting dental caps, as they’re sometimes known, can give your teeth a uniform appearance while preventing cracks and other damage from worsening. In short, if you’re looking for a way to make your smile brighter, stronger, or both, dental crowns might be the answer!

Dental Crown FAQs

The team at Bluegrass Dental is here to restore your tooth and bring back the beauty of your smile. If you are curious about correcting your smile with porcelain crowns, call us today for a consultation.

What's the Procedure for Dental Crowns?


How Long Will My Dental Crown Last?


How Should I Care for My Tooth Crown?


Restore Your Smile!

Having a dental crown placed is one of the best ways to restore a tooth to its natural strength and appearance. To see if you are a candidate for this type of restoration, call us for a consultation on porcelain dental crowns in Fort Mill, SC today.

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