Dental Technology

Dental technology is always improving and advancing, and our office is committed to improving and advancing right alongside it. We implement the elements of dental technology that we believe will most improve your experience with us.

We’re excited to show you what our technology can do for you!

Electric Handpieces

We use electric handpieces for our dental procedures, and we think you’ll notice the difference. By using electricity, these handpieces are able to operate more gently than their traditional counterparts. They’re also much quieter, which means a less jarring and far more pleasant experience for you in the dental chair!

Intraoral Cameras

Our intraoral cameras may look like nothing more than a slightly oversized pen, but they’re actually extremely useful pieces of dental technology. These small, highly accurate cameras can display exactly what’s happening in your mouth on our monitors in real time.

This makes it much easier to clearly see exactly what’s happening with your teeth, which means a faster, more accurate diagnosis from your dentist. The added advantage is that you can see exactly what your doctor is referring to on the screen in front of you.

Digital Dental X-Ray in Owensboro KY

Just like intraoral cameras have improved on the standby of traditional dentistry mirrors, digital x-rays do everything a traditional x-ray can do and more. Digital x-rays can be completed in less time and can be imported directly to our computers, so they’re easier to examine and interpret.

Digital x-rays are also safer than their traditional counterparts, particularly for pregnant or very young patients. Come see us to experience digital dental X-ray in Owensboro KY.
Digital Dental X-ray in Owensboro KY

Rotary Endodontic System

This remarkable tool helps us give you a highly effective root canal treatment. It allows us to quickly clean out the inner part of your tooth, so we can clear out the infection and start the recovery process!

Bluegrass Dental’s Excellent Dental Technology

These elements are just a few examples of the technology that benefit you when you work with us. When you come to Bluegrass Dental, you’ll be able to experience our conveniently paperless and wireless office as well as the advantages of big screen TVs and computers in every operatory!

Call us to learn more about the technology we use or to schedule an appointment at our convenient Owensboro office!