dentures in Owensboro
Bluegrass Dental offers custom, traditional, and implant-supported dentures in Owensboro KY.

Dentures have the ability to give you or your loved ones a full set of comfortable, functional teeth again. Loss of natural teeth doesn’t mean you need to settle for the sunken cheeks or toothless smile that often come along with this condition. Our dentures will make you feel as though your natural teeth are back and better than ever!

We offer custom, traditional, and implant-supported dentures in order to cater to your individual needs. If you have any questions about which style is best for you, come and meet with us! We can help you make the choice that’s right for your health and lifestyle.

Custom Dentures in Owensboro KY

Custom dentures can be a full arch of teeth or just a select section of teeth. You can receive the customized dentures you need, regardless of which teeth you are missing or how many you need replaced.

These dentures are made of durable materials. For maximum convenience, these dentures are easy to take out and put back in. You can receive the benefits of improved chewing and speaking while you’re awake with the ability to comfortably remove those dentures at night.

Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures rest gently on your gums, which means they, too, are easy to take out and put back in. Traditional dentures are simple and easy to use while still filling out your mouth to restore your natural jawline.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Unlike other forms of dentures, implant-supported dentures are gently anchored in place in your mouth. After your dentist places titanium posts in your jaw, you’ll be able to click your implant-supported dentures in place on these posts.

You won’t have to worry about dentures sliding or moving when you don’t want them to with implant-supported dentures. For your convenience, we offer different types of implant-supported dentures, some of which you can still easily remove and click back into place at will.

Let Us Talk To You About Denture Options!

We offer a number of options when it comes to dentures in Owensboro KY. Our aim is to help restore your unique smile. Contact us today to learn more about our denture options or to schedule an appointment!