Planning Your Child’s Dental Care: Setting Them Up for Success

We wrote this article specifically for parents looking for a children’s dentist in Owensboro, KY.

From the moment your child is born, you worry about every sound they make, every step they take, and every bump or bruise they get. Their health and happiness is your number one priority. Protecting your child’s teeth is one of the first steps you can take to ensure a lifetime of good health. At Bluegrass Dental, Dr. Joshua Stamper and his team take this very seriously, and aim to provide you all the resources you need to feel confident about your child’s oral health.

Children's dentist in Owensboro

When should my child visit the dentist?

It’s important to start a regular routine with your dentist early in your child’s life. The American Dental Association recommends their first visit should occur within six months after their first tooth, but no later than their first birthday. This allows your child to start to build a positive relationship with the dentist since these visits are typically very easy, and if executed properly, can ease a lot of future dental anxiety your child could potentially develop.

Does my child need to see a special type of dentist?

Many parents are often confused on whether or not their child needs to see a Pediatric Dentist or if they can simply go to the family’s General Dentist. At Bluegrass Dental, we respect the needs and wants of a busy modern family, so we strive to provide all the resources necessary to care for not only the comprehensive dental needs of the parents, but also their children.

Not only do we not mind seeing children, we welcome it. We prioritize family-style appointments so both parents and children can receive care in the same day, and even utilize a therapy dog to help the child associate their visit with the dentist as a positive one. Now should your child be one of the small percentage that needs extensive work or special behaviors needs met, we can gladly help you arrange for care with the best pediatric dentists that fit your child’s unique needs.

Start Sooner Than Later

You should begin your child’s oral care even before their first tooth. After feedings, wipe their gums with a soft cloth or baby toothbrush. Don’t use toothpaste yet. Once their first tooth comes in, you can focus on brushing with a non-fluoridated toothpaste, the amount should be no more than the size of a pea.

Let Themselves Brush (With Supervision)

Once your child hits two, you may begin to let them brush for themselves, but make sure you supervise them, and even go back and continue to help them brush. The biggest mistake I see in my pediatric patients is unsupervised brushing. Just because your child is 5 or 6 doesn’t mean they should be brushing without help or supervision quite yet. The majority of children simply do not have the dexterity and a lot of times the patience to effectively brush. If your child is resistant to toothbrushing at these young ages, try making it a game. At our office we often tell children we are looking for hidden treasures behind their teeth with toothbrushes.

Make It a Non-Negotiable Part of Their Daily Routine

School aged children thrive on routine. Make before bed brushing and flossing a part of their daily routine early on. Join them in the bathroom and make your oral care something you do together. Doing this early on will create effective brushing and flossing habits that will continue to make their dental visits easy and fun for everyone involved.

Choosing a Children’s Dentist in Owensboro KY

Choosing who oversees your child’s dental health is a big decision. Take time when deciding who will click best with your family, and aim for a dentist that values your wants and needs as a busy modern family. Do not sacrifice either your or your child’s dental care because its too much work to find a dentist that can see your entire family at the same time. Strive to find a dentist that can meet all your dental needs.

The Bluegrass Dental Difference

At Bluegrass Dental, we preach comfort and ease. From heated and massaging dental chairs, family style appointments with a staff that loves children, to a fun loving therapy dog to help put your little one as ease, we would love for you to consider us for the responsibility of caring for your family’s dental needs.