Root Canal

root canal treatment in Owensboro
Bluegrass Dental restores your dental health with root canal treatment in Owensboro KY.

Root canals may have a reputation for being unpleasant, but in reality, they’re one of the fastest and most effective ways to relieve severe tooth pain. If you’re in need of a root canal, come to our office, and you’ll discover firsthand what relief a root canal can bring!

What Is a Root Canal?

To understand what a root canal does, the first step is to learn a little about the anatomy of your teeth. Every tooth has a small amount of pulp at its center, which is made up of tissue and blood vessels.

While this pulp is important while your teeth are growing and developing, once your permanent teeth are established, the pulp becomes unnecessary. Unfortunately, that doesn’t keep it from occasionally becoming infected, especially if the exterior of the tooth becomes cracked or damaged.

The Root Canal Procedure

When the exterior of a tooth is compromised and bacteria is allowed in, the pulp of a tooth can become painfully infected. Removing this infected pulp can bring relief from the pain of a toothache and will protect your other teeth from the spread of infection at the same time.

A root canal procedure simply removes the infected pulp altogether, sanitizes the space left behind, and fills it with a new, infection-proof sealing material.

We often recommend a dental crown to complete the protection of your tooth. In cases when a crack has allowed an infection into the inner part of the tooth, a crown can protect the overall structure of the tooth as well as the inside portion.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

While the only way to know for certain that you need a root canal is to visit a dentist, these are a few signs that mean it might be a good idea to come to our office to discuss the idea:

  • Severe tooth pain, particularly when eating or applying other pressure to the tooth.
  • Sensitivity to temperature, especially if it’s focused in one tooth.
  • Discoloration of a tooth.
  • Swollen, tender gums near the tooth in question.
  • A dental abscess, especially if you feel a rush of fluid in your mouth.

Whether or not a root canal is the solution, it’s a good idea to come visit us with any of these concerns. Save your tooth with our root canal treatment in Owensboro KY.

You don’t have to live with tooth pain when we’ve got effective solutions that are easily available to you whenever you need them!

Restore Your Oral Health – Root Canal Treatment in Owensboro KY

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